The Tears Will Fall (ICI Block 3 cns a)

tearsTears fall and I crave
tears fall and out the window I gaze
to a place of peace where a piece of me
belonged to something special searching
to heal hearts suffering in silence
Tears fall and I hurt again
tears fall but I cant relieve the pain
of a child struggling to see past
the darkness imprisoning dreams
holding back tomorrow's teachers
leaving only a life of crime

Tears fall as I fast
tears fall as I wonder how long this can last
ribs protrude, feet inward, head down
a life lost while to the birds I toss
the bread of life but wide eyes still cry
not knowing what happiness brings
where childhood lies and everyone sings

Tears fall but I know
tears fall as my heart grows
the winds of change
begging to give all I have
for just one chance to hold, to mold
a brother, a sister, a mother, a father
with freedoms fragile touch

Before my end I hope to intercede 
and the only trickles left will be
the hunger for hope
and the love I bleed

ICI Block 3 cns a
Christine Joy Acero

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