Image result for broken heartHeartbreak can be so intense that some scientists suggest it feels the same as physical pain.

It’s not really something you can describe. You feel physical pain all over your body and you feel emotional pain. Your heart just hurts. And it’s not the type of pain a person can see. Nobody can see you’re broken because there’s no cast or bandage to prove so. You’re quietly breaking and sadly, you’re the only one who can hear it.

Nobody wants their heart broken. Heartbreak is kind of cool, in a weird way. Sometimes who we think is the perfect person for us isn’t quite who we thought they were. Sometimes the person we want isn’t necessarily the person we need. Sometimes relationships are forced rather than naturally flowing. Sometimes we isolate ourselves with that person rather than balancing every area of our lives.

Only people that have experienced it can relate to it. Because along with this type of pain comes a new understanding. All of a sudden you can relate and feel the pain that others have gone through or are currently experiencing. You now notice another heart breaking without a single word being said. So yes, it’s true that heartbreak changes people but a huge mistake to make is allowing it to harden your heart, build up walls and make you bitter towards people and the world. Instead, let it soften your hearts with compassion, teach you about others and yourself, and most importantly change your heart for the better

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Christine Joy Acero


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