Memories Will Fade (ICI Block 3 cns a)

I’m sorry  I may remember all the times we’ve had
The loving, the good and the bad things
As I slip into yesterday, I really don’t know what I have lost
It’s the people that I leave behind, who have to bear the cost

We lived a life together, but you must remember that I can't
The things that happened yesterday, are the things I have forgot
As gradually into the past, my memories will also fade
And slip away, as never been, from the sunlight into shade

Don’t be too sad, my world is mine, whatever I may see
I can’t remember things I’ve had, or things that used to be
But now and then, for a time too short, I will know your name
And for that time, I am me again

ICI Block 3 cns a
Christine Joy Acero


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